Hartley Knives

Hand forged by Barry Hartley in Bathurst, South Africa.

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Hand Forged - High Carbon Steel
Your knife has been hand forged from high carbon steel, as opposed to stainless steel. Carbon steel knives are loved by many chefs for their ability to keep dangerously sharp edges with minimal sharpening, even after months of wear and tear. Carbon steel requires more maintenance than stainless steel to prevent it from rusting, but the few extra steps required are well worth it. With carbon steel, you'll end up sharpening your knives a lot less, and using them more often. And the beautiful blue-grey patina that the blades will take on? Well, that's just a bonus.
Do not place it in a dishwasher. Use regular dishwashing soap and a sponge or slightly abrasive scouring pad and wash by hand, then dry. Keep your carbon steel knife dry between uses. The nature of the steel which allows for a superior cutting edge is also quite corrosion prone. If the knife is not to be used for a while, wipe lightly with a bit of cooking oil to create a protective film.

Cutting surface
Use wooden or plastic chopping boards to work on.
A patina will develop on the blade as you use it, especially from acidic foods. This blue-grey colouring is an oxidation of the surface and will build up over time. This is desirable as it protects the steel from corrosion. If due to leaving your knife wet, any rust spots develop on the blade, do not worry, these are easily removed with a scouring pad or steel wool.
When your knife needs sharpening a waterstone is preferred, a 1000 / 3000 combination works well. Stropping after sharpening and between sharpenings is recommended.
All Hartley blades will be sharpened and cleaned up, for free (barring shipping costs).
Your knife has been made with care, a tool to be used, and to last for many years.
~ Barry